Top 10 Famous Hackers All The Time

Internet is a blessing for many for sure. Like everything it has disadvantages as well. We cannot rule out the advantages though but let’s look at the other side today. We live in a world which is totally connected with each other. This on one hand is quite informative and useful but then it is also easier for others to break into someone’s personal files as well.World Wide Web which you must be thinking as the safest platform is just a toy in the hands of some famous hackers.

Top 10 Most Famous Hackers

They are classified into three main groups. Not all of them are bad. The hackers which work to improve the internet security are called “white hat hackers”. Well there are some groups doing hacking just for entertainment are known as “gray hat hackers”. Last categories are the one’s everyone should be afraid of are “black hat hackers” the real threat to everybody files. They easily gain access to your system by throwing malicious software or some kind of virus. Yes you are reading right they can break into your system as well. Below are top 10 famous computer hackers who used the information of the whole world in their hands as a toy.

10 of the World’s Most Famous Hackers

  1. Gary McKinnon

Top 10 Famous Hackers Gary McKinnonFirst one on the list is Gary McKinnon a curious child who wanted to have information on UFOs. This hacker infiltrated into US military and NASA computers by installing a virus and then deleted some files as well. He did this just to satisfy himself but unfortunately that got him killed. Soon after he hacked the computers he was found guilty of hacking military and NASA websites from his girlfriend’s aunt’s house in UK. Well, he not only deleted the files from NASA and military websites he left a message there as well which stated “Your security is crap”. He was surely something as he shut down the US military network of computers that too for 24 hours. Thus, making it the biggest military hack in the world.

2. LulzSec

LulzSecWell this one is famous hacker group. They are famously known for hacking into CIA, FBI, Scotland Yard, SONY, News International and many other high profile accounts. When they hacked into News Corporations accounts, they also published a false report of Rupert Murdoch having passed away. The motto of this group was “Laughing at your security since 2011!” This group claimed retirement from the hacking world. Still there are some news that group is creating awareness about the absence of essential security against the hackers.

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3. Adrian Lamo

Adrian LamoAdrian Lamo also is a famous hacker. He hacked into the most famous website we can think of like Yahoo, Microsoft, Google, and The New York Times. This led to his arrest. However, later this arrest led him to a position in American Threat Analyst. He got to know of his potential soon and switched his career at the right time. He also helped in the arrest of wikileaks suspect Bradley Manning to FBI. Manning later arrested for leaking High confidential American Information.

4. Mathew Bevan and Richard Pryce

Mathew Bevan and Richard PryceThe duo almost created an international crisis. They created some serious issues between USA and North Korea. They hacked the US military computers and used them to infiltrate into foreign systems. The dumped the content of Korean Atomic Research Institute into USAF system. Fortunately the content proved out less volatile and mainly related to South Korea.

5. Jonathan James

Jonathan JamesJonathan James another name in the list of famous hackers was imprisoned at the age of 16 for cyber-crimes. He hacked into Defense Threat Agency of US department. This hack by the Jonathan James mostly named as comrade costs NASA $41,000. However the end was comrade was also not encouraging as ended up committing suicide in 2008.

6. Kevin Poulsen

Kevin PoulsenWell, I will call him a dreamer. This guy known as Dark Dante infiltrated a radio show just to win a contest which offered a Porsche. He then went underground after FBI started looking for him. Later he was arrested because of many charges which included, wire and computer fraud, money laundering and others. However this showed up good for him as Dark Dante now serves as Senior Editor at Wired.

7. Kevin Mitnick

Kevin MitnickWell it was quite hard to believe that this guy is a hacker. Kevin Mitnick in his mid-40s broke into Nokia, Motorola and Pentagon. He was once the most wanted cyber criminal at times. Found guilty of many charges like wire fraud, computer fraud and illegally intercepting wire communication. This famous hack from Mitnick also featured in some famous Hacking Movies like “Take down” and “Freedom Downtown”. He then started afresh and is now a security consultant.

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8. Anonymous

AnonymousHacker is famously called “The Digital Robin Hood”. A famous black hat hackers group named Anonymous is next on the list of famous hackers. This group got popularity by hacking religious and government websites. They hacked The Vatican, FBI, CIA, Sony, PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Chinese Tunisian, Israeli-an and Ugandan governments. Still it is not clear whether they want some hacking activism or just some entertainment, however some of the group members cleared their intent that they are against internet control and censorship.

9. Astra

Famously called Astra is a pen name for a hacker who hacked into weapon and then sold them. Astra a Sanskrit name for weapons, famously used for this hacker. This famous hacker came into light when he hacked a France’s D assault Group, stole some weapons and then sold them to other countries. The identity of the Astra not known yet. This hacker is wanted from 2002. Astra sold the weapon technology to approximately 250 people which resulted into a $360 million of loss to D assault.

10. Albert Gonzalez

Albert GonzalezToday the banks claim to provide safe banking. How safe it actually is? This mastermind Albert Gonzalez use to steal from the credit cards of citizens. Albert resold 170 million credit cards and ATM number, which known as the biggest credit card theft in the banking history. He did this by installing and sniffing data from internal corporate networks. The end of this hacker was also not encouraging. He was poisoned for 20 years in Federal prison.

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