Top 10 Best Hacking Movies Must Watch

There is a community of people out there who just love hacking. Obviously hacking movies are a great source of inspiration for them. We are having a list of best spy hacker movies in our article. We hope you will like the list of movies.

Best Hacking Movies That You Should Watch Right Now

Top 10 Best Hacking Movies

Below is some Hollywood best hacking movies Which Shows Hacking at its very best.


This movie is based on a book named “The Snowden Files: The inside Story of World’s Most Wanted Man”

The story of the movies depicts how NSA’s illegal surveillance tactics on the citizens of US and international world as well. Snowden caused a huge outcry when he leaked those documents to public which were classified and thousand in numbers.


The movies released back in 2014. This movie is based on the story of freelance computer hackers, who “breaks into top-secret government contractors and downloads their developed programs easily.

War Games:

This film was released back in 1983 and features David Lightman. David is a young hacker who hacks into a military supercomputer accidentally and starts the countdown for World War 3.


This movie “Hackers” released back in 1995. In this movie Angelina Jolie and Jonny Lee are shown as two youthful hackers. Miller hacks a computer community and got caught and sentenced to zero computer access till the age of 18. This movie got very good stuff for learning about how hackers work.


Released in 2000, this movie is based on a famous US computer hacker Kevin David Mitnick. Mitnick worked back in 1980s and 90s. He was later arrested. Right now he is IT security consultant, speaker and writer as well.

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The Italian Job:

This movie is based on a previous movie of 1969 which had the same name. The movie shows Seth Green as a hacker among a group of thieves. He hacks traffic signals which help in their theft. He hacks other devices as well and helps his gang in thefts.

Black Hat:

This is a newly released movie by Chris Hemsworth. The hackers in this movie hacks Chinese nuclear power plant to start nuclear reactions in it. The also hacks the stocks exchanges and banks and steals millions from it. This movie is also a glimpse of how a Black Hat Hacker can threaten a government.

Eagle Eye:

This movie “Eagle Eye” released in 2008. This movie displays how supercomputers can hack all the networks and military networks as well. Two people in this movie receive a call and instructions which if not followed them would die.

Fifth State:

This movie “Fifth State” released back in 2013. Fifth state is actually an illegal account of Julian Assange and WikiLeaks. Assange, a famous hacker in the movie who breaks into all top level places including NASA, Citibank, Pentagon and Stanford University before she ended.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo:

This movie “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo” released back in 2009. In this film the girl is a Swedish hacker who teams up with a journalist to solve and murder case. She has a dragon tattoo.Which One You Love.

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